Meet Scottie Doodles.

brown and white dog looking out of tent at the B&B

Scottie – funny farm resident

Meet Scottie Doodles. Also known as Scottie Big Head, Big Guy, and Bubba. He’ll answer to anything really. 

Dog staring out over the river

Scottie having a moment.

Scottie belongs to our youngest daughter and has been in and out over the years, joining us and saying hello to guests when he can. He absolutely loves people, long walks in the woods, chewing on his toys, getting in the way, and bones from the bone bank. 

The number one question people ask us is, “What is he?”

Well, first and foremost, he’s part of the funny farm here at the B&B. But to answer the question, Scottie is basically a mix and a Heinz 57 of everything no one likes — think bulldog, pit bull, and all the other power breeds of that nature.  He’s a barrel of love that for some, comes in a package they don’t like. That’s just how God made him. Don’t worry, we weren’t too sure about him at first either. 

pit bull with cute girl holding a sign saying "you and me"

Scottie & his lady

Scottie came into our world roughly four years ago when our daughter’s boyfriend passed away unexpectedly. Scottie was his dog and when given the opportunity to take this big boy and make him part of her world permanently, she did it in a heartbeat. Not knowing how he would do on property with the rest of the funny farm, she brought him here on a trial period. Fast forward four years later and he’s as much a part of the B&B as the breakfasts themselves. When asked, we often hear her gloss over the “Where did he come from?” question with a smile, lovingly telling guests she inherited him. 

And he has been quite the inheritance! The laughs and the number of smiles this lazy dog has brought to our world and to the funny farm is priceless. You can often find Ashlee walking this gentle giant and the two weenie dogs out on Beaver Creek road, which are quite the entertaining trio and a sight to see. She often refers to them as “Scottie and his girlfriends” or the “mod squad” as all three dogs bound around on property and bask in the sun on the deck.

pit bull and two weenie dogs in green bandanas

Scottie & his girlfriends

Scottie might try and tell you that he’s allowed in the guest rooms, but he’s a liar. Due to allergies and guest preferences, there are no animals allowed in the guest rooms. He will, however, love to join you out at Camp Calvin or while you’re sitting at the fire pit enjoying the river or a glass of wine.  He loves people and thinks all the B&B guests have come just to visit him, but we joke that he’s an old man hermit. He already has his circle of doggie friends and is a bit protective and can be naughty when it comes to strange dogs. The funny farm has enough critters already and plenty fur friends to love on, so no other uninvited four-legged visitors please.

We absolutely love having Scottie as a part of our world and we hope you do too. If for some reason you’re not as taken with him as we are (or any of the funny farm for that matter) just pat him on the head and say the word and we’ll make sure he stays out of the way and doesn’t disturb you. There’s plenty of room here at the B&B for all to enjoy.

The entire funny farm welcomes you to the Arbor House Inn Bed & Breakfast on the River and hopes you have a nice stay while visiting South Fork. Careful, when you’re not looking, Scottie Doodles or one of the other funny farm residents just might try and get in the car and go home with you! 


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