Meet Boo Boo. One of the Arbor House Inn Residents.


dachshund lying down looking at the camera

Meet Boo Boo, part of the funny farm and one of the residents at the B&B. One of the very lazy residents.

Meet Boo Boo. She’s one of the residents and part of the funny farm here at the B&B. One of the very lazy residents.

We jokingly refer to all the animals here as the Arbor House Inn “funny farm.” At one point the property hosted three dogs, two cats, roughly ten chickens and a lovely horse named Jessie. That of course does not count the wildlife visitors, such as Fred & Ethel (the two resident geese that come in the spring), the occasional deer, and the humming birds that drain two feeders twice a day. There’s a section of the river that we lovingly refer to as the animal “highway.” 

When we first started the B&B seventeen years ago we initially allowed guest pets to stay for a small fee. As our menagerie grew we decided that the current funny farm residents were plentiful and we changed our policies and now no longer allow traveling four-legged visitors. Due to allergies and guest preferences, no animals are allowed in the guest rooms. Sorry, no exceptions. However, Boo Boo and other funny farm residents would love to join anyone going to Camp Calvin for a glass of wine by the river or out enjoying the outdoor fire pits. 

Careful, if you’re not looking, one of the funny farm residents just might try and get in the car and go home with you. 

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